Who is to blame?

After my husband cheated I battled to understand who’s fault it was… Was it mine? Did I make him cheat? Was it the other woman who was an irresistible temptress? Or was it simply his? This idea of blame was my obsession… Someone had to be responsible… As I oscillated between blaming myself I vilified the other woman and despaired him in equal measure… In my novel Bloody Jude I endeavour to make readers feel this inner turmoil and sympathise with the wrong person… However, who is more to blame?



My name is Blanca and I survived my husband’s infidelity by writing a book – Bloody Jude. Instead of cutting up his suits and trashing his car I let my creative juices flow and imagined what could have happened had I not been a sane, rational human being.

I imagined what I could have done to the other woman, and wrote a novel that let me be someone else. I aired my anger on the page and at home I remained calm and composed.

Am I crazy? Should I have lived off the page and vented my anger in person?

I think not. My imagination saved me! Have you done something similar?

How do us woman survive infidelity